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Why #EastMeetsTech?

Published May 19, 2014 in:
East Meets Tech > Reporter's Notebook
by Aela Callan

Almost my entire journalism career has been in Asia. But I’ve had a sojourn in Califonia’s silicon valley this year, as a Knight Fellow at Stanford University. Something struck me early on; the presence of so many Asian immigrants and Asian-Americans.

Luckily, that means I’ve been able to find awesome Myanmar food at Burma Superstar and Vietnamese in San Jose. (Yet to find a Thai restaurant to impress me- open to suggestions.) I’ve heard Singapore, Beijing and Bangalore touted as “the next silicon valley.” I think the real Asian tech revolution may be happening right here. 

I’m setting out to find out who are the 100 thousand people immigrating from Asia to the San Francisco Bay area each year.  Why they are coming, where the smarts and money end up, what it all means for the US and Asia.  (By Asia, I’m counting everywhere from Japan to Pakistan) I threw some ideas up on a whiteboard with my Knight fellow collaborators and awesome digital journalist Ben Connors. We started at “Fortune cookies aren’t really Chinese,” then moved to “East Meets West” and so, #EastMeetsTech was born. Join me as I try my best to capture all this in a half hour documentary for Al Jazeera’s 101 East program. I’m throwing my notebook open to you.