Meet The Team | StoryLab101
Aela cheeky Aela Callan
Producer / Presenter
Aela is an Australian made filmmaker but she feels more at home in South-East Asia than Palo Alto, where she has spent the past year as a Knight Fellow for journalism innovation. She's still looking for proper Thai food in the Bay Area.
stanford Ben Connors:
StoryHacker (Technologist)
If there is a story to be told, Ben will be there with all the journalism tools he can carry. If those tools aren't enough, he'll build new ones. When he's not consulting, you can find Ben tinkering, biking and hiking around the San Francisco Bay Area or working on his own project The Last Graph.
Hani Taha Hani Taha
Assistant Producer
Hani lives her life on social media, but before that Pakistan, which makes her super interested in #EastMeetsTech and stories about immigrants in general. She is pioneering ways to make short form tweets into long form storytelling. She will do whatever it takes to get a scoop (news stories and deserts both).
Zach Zachary Stauffer:
Director of Photography
Zach Stauffer is a director of photography, but also a talented storyteller and staff reporter at the Investigative Reporting Program at the UC Berkeley graduate school of journalism.
lucia Lucia He:
Lucia He is in her fourth year at Georgetown university, majoring in international political economy. She was born and raised in Argentina by Chinese parents. Which means she speaks Spanish, English and Mandarin so we are all very intimidated.