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Discovering The Different Faces of Silicon Valley

Published June 19, 2014 in:
Reporter's Notebook
by Lucia He

This week, we interviewed three amazing women entrepreneurs in the search for an answer to why 100 thousand Asians, with an increasing proportion of women, are migrating to Silicon Valley each year. What’s the story behind these women, and what challenges did they have to face to become the successful entrepreneurs that they are now?silicon-valley-sign-lg

Our team met up with an Indian entrepreneur who moved to the U.S. to study at MIT, and has since then founded an accelerator that aims to guide a million entrepreneurs reach a million dollars in revenue a year; we interviewed a Bangladeshi product designer who outsources coding to Bangladesh; and we met a young Filipino American entrepreneur who strives to politically empower the Asian community in the bay while being a part-time DJ.

In spite of these three characters sharing the same gender, continental origin, and industry, our team was struck by the different paths each of these women took to arrive at their current position, and their differing views about Silicon Valley in itself. While some believe the Valley is truly a meritocracy which gives opportunities to all, no matter their skin color, others have argued that the Valley is far from offering a level playing field, particularly for women and minority.

This diversity of opinions and paths are only proof of the complexity of the bubble that Silicon Valley seems to be sometimes. Will we be able to find a unique trend that explains our question? Keep checking our Story Lab to find out!