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Characters of the Day

Not all charachters that a film crew encounters during the process of a shoot make it to the final cut of a film. Nonetheless these charachters add flavor and lend greater understanding to the subject at hand and delight us in myriad ways. Here are the 3 people that we met during the filming of East Meets Tech that show us a side of Silicon Valley that was important for us to be able to understand what makes this place and it’s tech ecosystem so unique. Hunter the jumper: When you think of Silicon Valley you think of mad cap inventors parading
Discovering The Different Faces of Silicon Valley

This week, we interviewed three amazing women entrepreneurs in the search for an answer to why 100 thousand Asians, with an increasing proportion of women, are migrating to Silicon Valley each year. What’s the story behind these women, and what challenges did they have to face to become the successful entrepreneurs that they are now? Our team met up with an Indian entrepreneur who moved to the U.S. to study at MIT, and has since then founded an accelerator that aims to guide a million entrepreneurs reach a million dollars in revenue a year; we interviewed a Bangladeshi product designer who
360 Degrees of Silicon Valley

I've been using a new photography technique to create 360° images called 'Photo Spheres.' Photo Sphere's will allow you to look around as if you were here on the shoot with us. Let me know in the comments if you want me to get a Photo Sphere of something specific here in Silicon Valley. Hope you like them. Stanford University at Sunset: We got to visit the super cool San Francisco "TechShop" hacker Space: Base Camp, this is the house we're operating out of. Interview in Oakland Portsmouth Square Park in Chinatown Mission Dolores
Search For Success

Amit Singhal is brimming with enthusiasm and possibilities. Publicly, he is known as the master of Google's ranking algorithm. Without this guy, we wouldn't get anything useful when we "google."    Privately, he believes he can do more to change the world. Much more.
Why #EastMeetsTech?

Almost my entire journalism career has been in Asia. But I've had a sojourn in Califonia's silicon valley this year, as a Knight Fellow at Stanford University. Something struck me early on; the presence of so many Asian immigrants and Asian-Americans. Luckily, that means I've been able to find awesome Myanmar food at Burma Superstar and Vietnamese in San Jose. (Yet to find a Thai restaurant to impress me- open to suggestions.) I've heard Singapore, Beijing and Bangalore touted as "the next silicon valley." I think the real Asian tech revolution may be happening right here. 
About The StoryLab

Ever wondered how a news documentary is made? StoryLab 101 is your look inside a reporter’s notebook. It brings together all the elements that go into creating a 30 minute television story- background research, discussion on social media, interviews from the field and insight into choices being made in the edit suite. The idea is that everyone can  be  a part of the production from concept to completion. StoryLab 101 is  the passion project of filmmaker Aela Callan who appears on Al Jazeera’s 101 East programme, a weekly look at the issues shaping Asia. Aela began developing the StoryLab concept as a Knight Fellow, and is excited by the incredible potential for journalists to create experiences and build communities