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About The StoryLab

Published May 13, 2014 in:
Reporter's Notebook
by Ben

Ever wondered how a news documentary is made? StoryLab 101 is your look inside a reporter’s notebook. It brings together all the elements that go into creating a 30 minute television story- background research, discussion on social media, interviews from the field and insight into choices being made in the edit suite.

The idea is that everyone can  be  a part of the production from concept to completion.

StoryLab 101 is  the passion project of filmmaker Aela Callan who appears on Al Jazeera’s 101 East programme, a weekly look at the issues shaping Asia.

Aela began developing the StoryLab concept as a Knight Fellow, and is excited by the incredible potential for journalists to create experiences and build communities with their audience using digital tools. Her stories are all about changing misconceptions and the relentless pursuit of untold tales.  You’ll find information here about Aela’s projects as they happen, and get to play a role in helping craft what she is working on.

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